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Your sign up page Must be FREE to Join! Lead capture pages that require name and email only work best. Let your follow up do the selling.

Examples below are the type of pages that work best: Click on any image to see the full capture page.



These are just examples. Any capture page that asks for name and email will work. If the sign up form is to complicated, or if it's hard to find the sign up page our sign ups will not work. If your unsure please contact us first and show us what you got. We will let you know.

Websites & Offers THAT DO NOT WORK:  Surveys for gift cards, and programs that pay per lead. Most CPA network offers will not work as they have very sophisticated tracking systems in place and do not allow purchased sign ups, you can give it a shot, but no guarantees.

You should use a lead capture page that captures the email so you can follow up with them with a email follow up series. 

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